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Ritual Tapes is a cassette & record label based in Lafayette, LA.

No demos, please.

Contact: hi@ritualtapes.com


If any of you are in the area of Austin, TX on May 17th, Graveyard Orbit is hosting this nice event and Ritual Tapes will be attending and running a merch table!

There will be a lot of other labels attending, drinks, live music, and an after party is in the works so you should definitely come out, say Hi, geek out about cassette tapes and party with us!

Warmline - Sad

The Path Less Traveled gave Warmline an 8.5/10 in this nice review!!


Christworm ladies and gentlemen. We’re on next!

Healing Powers // dirt nappin’

Surely all this HP love is leading up to something.

healing powers - stop high-fiving my face
sometimes my heart is not a nice place to be. maybe you’re better off staying away. i think that my thoughts are beginning to merge. and they’re conspiring against me. this house isn’t home, so don’t leave me all alone. because i swear that my thoughts will swallow me whole.

(Source: broliverparker, via getintoitrecords)

Preview of a bonus track from the b-side of Nevermind Me’s “Winter” cassette coming in the near future…


Healing Powers / Death Valley Driver

I made this video a couple of months ago for my buddies in Healing Powers, who are really, really something else and if you haven’t heard them already then I strongly urge you to check them out at the link below.

Found footage sourced from the internet. Song is from the tape split with Wade.


The dudes!

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BLACK EARTH tapes are in the store!





The deluxe box is also up for sale though they aren’t entirely assembled.  I’m still waiting on a few pieces and I have to get the artists’ copies out first, but you can place a preorder if you want to claim one.  Just have patience!  There’s a lot of preparation involved.

Thank you!


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